Standard Alcance Reach

INTE / ISO 9001:2015

INTE / ISO 45001:2018

INTE / ISO 14001:2015

Diseño, manufactura y comercialización de puré aséptico, puré no pasteurizado congelado, puré concentrado congelado, esencia de frutas y jugos y bebidas elaborados en la planta de producción ubicada en Cartago.

Design, manufacture and commercialization of aseptic puree, frozen unpasteurized puree, frozen concentrated puree, fruit essence and juices and beverages produced in the production plant located in Cartago.

FSSC 22000

Elaboración de productos a base de banano, incluidos los procesos de filtrado y proceso térmico: puré de banano aséptico (envasado en bolsa aséptica en caja, tambor cónico y cilíndrico y bins) y concentrado de puré de banano congelado (envasado en cilindro de cartón y tambor cilíndrico). Incluido el proceso de filtrado: (concentrado de puré de banano sin pasteurizar congelado (envasado en cilindro de cartón y tambor cilíndrico) y esencia de banano (envasado en balde y tambor de plástico).

Elaboración de jugos y bebidas asépticos acidificados a base de frutas y vegetales, incluidos los procesos de filtrado y tratamiento térmico, envasados en cartón aséptico multicapa.

Manufacturing of banana based products, including the processes of filtering and thermal process: aseptic banana puree (packed in aseptic bag in box, conical and cylindrical drum and bins) and frozen banana puree concentrate (packed in cardboard cylinder and cylindrical drum). Including the process of filtering: (frozen unpasteurized banana puree concentrate (packed in cardboard cylinder and cylindrical drum) and banana essence (packed in plastic pail and plastic drum).

Manufacturing of aseptic acidified juices and beverages made from fruits and vegetables, including the processes of filtering and heat treatment, packed in aseptic multilayer cardboard.



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The Rainforest Alliance certification seal means that the product (or a specified ingredient) was produced by farmers, foresters, and/or companies working together to create a world where people and nature thrive in harmony. These standards help to address four main areas of sustainability:

  • Conserve forests
  • Advance the human rights of rural people
  • Improve the livelihoods of farmers and forest communities
  • Build climate resilience

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